I’m Holly.
The smile behind stuffhollysees.com
I sketch, design, cut. I sew, photograph, and write.

My passion is creating things that make people smile. I’m spoiled by my husband and blessed by God, a DIYer, Holy yogi, and an anything-goes-creative. I’ve run a marathon, watched every episode of Law + Order SVU, and now I’m an aspiring pro blogger (something I’ve dreamed of for a long time). I hope my words bring smiles to your face, and extra love to your soul.


PS. Dear readers, I’m an open book. I’m free to talk about anything regarding bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety, or depression. My ultimate goal is to open a line of communication about mental illness and help people to not be so afraid to share about their battles or ask questions about loved ones. If you have questions, email me or call me | hollyclairekannady@gmail.com + 8123915977

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My favorite things!
bright colors, loud music, magic, glitter, and love.