fashion_large_1 fashion_large_2 fashion_large_3 fashion_large_4 fashion_large_5 fashion_large_6 fashion_large_7 fashion_large_8 fashion_large_9 fashion_large_10 fashion_large_11 fashion_large_12 fashion_large_13 fashion_large_14 fashion_large_15 fashion_large_16 fashion_large_17 fashion_large_18 fashion_large_19 fashion_large_20 fashion_large_21I have a passion for fashion photography. The clothes, the makeup, the jewelry, the setup – I can’t get enough.

Fashion has helped me learn the essentials about lighting, setup, and model direction.

I believe it’s set me up to succeed within my role as graphic designer within my day to day job – I know how to share my vision, how to best show the product we’re shooting, and how to work with the space I’ve designed for the photo I’m asking for.


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