Time Life Redesign

tl_1This redesign was a massive undertaking. Imagery, copy, and layout experience were all gained throughout the long and tedious process of creating this piece.

tl_40I decided to use the photography and copy from the original design with a massive overhaul of look and feel. I wanted to convey the real topic of health and disease. These aren’t “pretty” topics – they’re dirty and edgy. This is why I chose to saturate colors and use a color palette that was necessarily easy to look at – but it’s true to the topic. And true to my design-self.

This book is completely made by hand, bound and printed. It contains about 20 spreads of rough photos and intriguing copy that relates to the content. It’s complete with a layered graph featuring the spread of several diseases.

tl_39Through the entire process I learned to work with a lot of copy, highlights, headings, templates, and a timeline. My previous photos included only a few pages – this is the entire work from front to back. tl_36 tl_38 tl_35 tl_34 tl_33 tl_32 tl_31 tl_30 tl_29 tl_28 tl_27 tl_26 tl_25 tl_24 tl_23 tl_22 tl_20 tl_19 tl_18 tl_17 tl_16 tl_15 tl_14 tl_13 tl_12 tl_11 tl_10 tl_9 tl_8 tl_7 tl_6 tl_5 tl_4 tl_3 tl_2


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